September 18-20, 2016

Kalahari Resort  •  
Sandusky, OH
 SUNDAY  •  September 18
5:00 pm

Registration Opens / Vendor Fair Set-Up                

5:30 pm          Pre-Conference Bonus Sessions                                                       

Dig Your Way to High-Performance Browses


SCOTT DULECKI - Progress  

Creating a browse is so easy that a kindergartner can do it… but if you let them drive the browse train, you’re going to have an accident! In this session Scott will show how to design your browses to run at peak performance levels and show some of the tools he uses to build browses fast and right the first time.

ProData Sets


Paul Guggenheim & Associates

ProDataSets are one of the major developments in the
OpenEdge ABL. Whether you are building an application that uses the advanced UI, browser based, object oriented or procedural-based, they are useful for a number of reasons. The beginning developer will learn how to define complex business logic inside a ProDataSet, create data mapping between the ProDataSet and the database, and
associate hooks for custom event procedures.
A generous set of code examples will be supplied and demonstrated.


 MONDAY  •  September 19
  8:30 am

Registration / Vendor Fair Opens  / Buffet Breakfast              


   9:30 am            General Session                                                       

                             Welcome & Program Overview:  JOHN PEARSON, MWUG President                        

 9:45am Sponsor Introductions
10:00 am

Channel Islands: The Future of Your Effective Enterprise 

Senior Director, R&D
QAD, Inc.

Product Architect
QAD, Inc.
QAD Channel Islands provides a new user experience that is easy to learn and use, in addition to providing a wealth of information to users, managers, and executives. Channel Islands will drive up productivity, increase information access, reduce costs, and provide many other benefits for your organization!
11:00 am Break


  Concurrent Track Sessions                                                      





11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Are You Prepared? Ransomware Now Targets Manufacturing


Roundtable Software

With tight timelines and millions of dollars at stake, manufacturers have proven to be "highly motivated" when it comes to keeping their production floors up and running. Perhaps this is why recent Fortinet research shows that manufacturing is likely to be (if not already) the next industry targeted by ransomware. These attacks delay production until you solve the problem or pay the price. Is your organization fortified against such a debilitating attack?  How well are you protected?

For QAD Version:
9.0 and above
Level: Intermediate

Technical, Business Process, Manufacturing

QAD Enterprise Edition Financials


QAD, Inc.

Why are more customers moving to QAD's Enterprise Edition Financials? Learn what's new, what's different from SE and discuss why it would benefit your company to begin planning your upgrade today. Understand the power of the latest financial version of 2016 EE. View a live session of some of the key areas such GL, Financial Reporting, A/P, and A/R transactions.

For QAD Version: EE
Level: General

Getting The Most Out of .Net UI Browses


Carlisle Brake & Friction

Browses are a powerful tool of the QAD .NET UI, but can be limiting for some intended uses. In this session, we will cover some basics of adding tables, fields, linking tables, creating calculated fields, using grouping and aggregate functionality. Browse URL links. Then we'll dive into writing Progress FUNCTIONS to perform more advanced / complicated data retrieval for display in a browse. Also, we'll discover how to display data from different rows of the same table.

For QAD Version:
Any where .Net UI is used

Intermediate / Advanced

Channel Islands Follow-Up Session & Demo


QAD, Inc.

QAD, Inc.

Dive deeper into the features and functionality of the new Channel Islands interface. MaryAnn and Markus will provide a more in-depth demo and also be available for additional Q&A from attendees.

For QAD Version
: EE
Level: General

  12:30 pm
1:30 pm  
2:00 pm

Vendor Introductions  
Break / Visit the Exhibits


  Concurrent Track Sessions                                                         






2:30 - 3:30 pm

The Financial Impact of Demand Planning


QAD, Inc.    

Every decision made at a corporation in the Sales and Operations Planning process has a financial impact. Best-in-Class organizations understand this and how to plan for the potential impact of these decisions. See how you can visualize the impact and profitability of these decision with QAD's Demand Planning applications.

For QAD Version:

Efficient & Streamlined Processes Through EE Accounts Payable


Logan Consulting

Accounts Payable in QAD Enterprise Applications provides your company with many options for optimization and efficiency. This session will demonstrate advanced functionality within EE accounts payable and the embedded software that can be levered for efficiency. We will also discuss the ability to connect QAD EE AP to external software including integration with banks and external AP matching service providers. Key concepts will include use of invoice status codes, user defined fields and basic workflow.

For QAD Version: SE/EE


Intermediate / Advanced

Case Study:
High Volume MES to QAD Integration With QXtend and Dell Boomi


A123 Systems

Roundview Technologies


A123 had some challenges with a previously developed integration of MES to QAD2014EE – there were way too many errors related to the interface.  With the same technology (QAD QXtend and Dell Boomi) and Roundview Integration Framework, A123 now has a re-architected MES / QAD integration with great visibility of each message going through the system. It is so robust that even a severe QXtend Connection Pool issue did not cause any lost messages or manual reprocessing - the system recovered on its own from an otherwise catastrophic situation.  We will discuss how our approach works, and we will have live demo.

For QAD Version: SE/EE
Level: Intermediate/General

Case Study: Managed Services
for QAD


AESSE Investments Ltd.
Strategic Information Group

Learn how Strategic Information Group has helped AESSE Investments proactively manage their QAD system. Not only does Strategic help keep their QAD databases tuned and available, they also monitor back-ups, support EDI issues and processing, provide infrastructure services and addresses application issues. All this is supported by a 24-7 help desk that provides easily accessible and cost effective support.

For QAD Version: Any
Level: General

  3:30 pm           Break / Visit the Exhibits                                  





4:00 - 5:00 pm

A Beginner's Guide to Quality Management Systems


QAD, Inc.

This session is focused on:

Defining the Quality Management System (QMS) and why it is important

History of the QMS

How Companies are using Quality Management Systems today to improve profitability

The different methods to managing quality

The biggest QMS obstacles and how to avoid them

How to avoid automating a mess

Practical rroblem tools

For QAD Version: SE / EE
Level: QMS Novice


Case Study: Improving AP Processing


Continental Structural Plastics

MaxRecall Technologies

Continental Structural Plastics (CSP) recently completed an implementation of MaxRecall's Business Process Automation Solutions for Accounts Payable. Using fingerprint technology to identify, map and extract data, MaxCapture provides a 3-way match in real time with QAD and creates EDI 810 files for speedier processing by eliminating manual data entry. CSP utilizes MaxRecall to store and route Vendor Invoices through their approval workflow.CSP has realized an immediate increase in invoices processed per day, reduced the need for follow up with plant personnel on open issues while reducing processing costs and late payments.

For QAD Version: All
Level: Novice/General

99 Ways to Crash
a Database


White Star Software

A somewhat tongue-in-cheek discussion of some of the dumbest, most dangerous, suicidal things I and other senior DBAs have seen out there in the OpenEdge world. Join me for an entertaining and informative hour of DBA horror stories and how they were (or could have been) avoided!

For QAD Version: Any
Level: General

Securing Your Data in Motion And At Rest



Security breaches have become all to commonplace. We hear about them almost everyday. To combat this, companies are being scrutinized for their security policies and are having routine audits. SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, SSAE16, etc. This session will discuss what data security features are available to you today to protect your data to stand up to these audits. While Security is not an exciting topic, Mike Furgal – Director of Database Services, believes he can make topic interesting and engaging. Come see if he is right.

For QAD Version:
Level: General


5:00 - 6:30pm            Vendor Hall Reception

 TUESDAY  •  September 20
7:30 am               Vendor Fair Opens / Buffet Breakfast          
  Concurrent Track Sessions                                                         





8:30 - 9:30 am

Browses in Action: Real-Life Use at American Trim

American Trim

American Trim attempts to leverage QAD Browses to our advantage. This session will review the various capabilities in Browses, such as linking browse to browse, browse to maintenance screens – including prefilling data, and leveraging Lookup Browses. We will review how Browse Links and Browse Collections can streamline work. We will also look at additional tips that we use at American Trim to improve the QAD experience.

For QAD Version: All
  (.Net 2.9.4 and higher)
Level: Intermediate


Unique Needs Call for Unique Solutions: Tower Automotive Case Study with TailorPro

Tower Automotive

ProStar Software

With the combined power of QAD and the adaptiveness of TailorPro, Tower has been
able to adapt to changing business needs without invasive customizations of the QAD software. This case study examines three functional areas in which Tower has been able to achieve improved business functionality: 1) Tracking and analyzing changes to critical financial records. 2) Customizing EE screen appearance and implementing new validation behaviors by using Tailor.NET in combination with QAD EE’s Design Mode. 3) Implementing new logic that takes effect when a QXtend call is processed by using Classic TailorPro in a QXtend environment.
QAD Version: EE
Level: General

Building the Office Autobahn: Maximizing Throughput to the Desktop


White Star Software

My OpenEdge database is on server x. My 4GL client (_progres, prowin32, _proapsv...) is on workstation y. How do I get data from x to y...FAST?

There have been a number of presentations on the various start-up parameters, coding techniques and best practices when it comes to transporting data across the network. This presentation skims over the theory and goes straight to the results: what's fast and what isn't. Using ProTop Free, promon and other monitoring tools, this presentation will show you the cause and effect relationships between coding practices, client and database start-up parameters and the resulting execution times.

For QAD Version: All

Case Study: Cyberquery


Cyberscience Corp.

This case study will show how Cyberquery has been successfully deployed at a QAD customer site. The presenter will show how Cyberquery is used to generate QAD reports, integrated with some additional data sources, and automatically scheduled and sent to various users.

For QAD Version: Any
Level: General


 9:30 am           Break / Visit the Exhibits                    





10:00 - 11:00 am

Labeling: A Vital Imperative - Best Practices and 2016 Industry Trends



Pierre Heymann, Loftware’s Director of Partner Sales, will review labeling best practices and industry trends, including Loftware’s 2016 Top Trends in Enterprise Labeling. Attend this presentation to learn about the recent shifts in barcode labeling and how it impacts today’s global supply chains. Get answers to these questions: Why should we standardize labeling? Are you keeping pace with customer labeling demands? Evolving regulations, do you have a strategy? Printer Technology is changing, how does that affect me?

For QAD Version: All
Level: General


Starting From Scratch: Landmark Plastic's Successful 2015 EE Implementation

Landmark Plastic

Logan Consulting

Hear how Landmark Plastic replaced a 30 year-old business system with the latest version of QAD Enterprise Edition. The company went live with QAD version 2015EE in May of 2016. Topics will include the project benefits, scope, critical decision points and key success drivers. Key components of the implementation include: Advanced Repetitive Processing with Modified Backflush, as well as, the use of barcode labels for all on hand inventory.
For QAD Version
: EE
Level: Intermediate

Using QXtend Excelerator


Logan Consulting

This session will demonstrate how to use QAD’s Qxtend Excelerator tool. The Excelerator tool allows users to query data from the QAD application, import the data into Microsoft Excel, make changes, and post the changes back to QAD. This session will provide attendees with a live demonstration in which we will do some basic configuration of Qxtend, build an Excelerator template, query data, load data, and build Qxtend Business Objects to support Excelerator. While this session will have a technical focus, functional users will also gain insight on how Excelerator may be used in their environments.

For QAD Version: SE/EE
Level: General

Outcome Based Services: A New Era in Application Management


Thirdware Solution Ltd.

Traditional application management practices are focused on resolution of tickets within the defined SLA. Now is the time to sit back and re-look at whether those practices will take us to the next level of process maturity, better resource utilization, reduce risk and cost optimization. Attend this session to learn more about shifting focus from "resolution" to "outcome".

For QAD Version: All
Level: General


 11:00 am           Break / Visit the Exhibits                    





11:15 am - 12:15 pm

QAD Automation Solutions


QAD, Inc.

Automation Solutions (Data Collection and Label Printing) is getting more and more important to enable material handlers to become more effective. Learn how QAD Automation Solutions will allow you to adapt more efficient, accurate and agile business processes during receiving, quality inspections, production replenishment or shipping. In addition get familiar with QAD's new Automation Solutions Practice to support you implementing this exciting new product.
For QAD Version: EE
Level: General

Case Study: Breaking the Pain Chain

ALEX KIM - 32 Soft Inc.
From financial close to production planning, many repetitive activities in QAD have been sources of tedium and pain to the staff of our many plants. We’ll share how 32 Soft Data Loader technology has helped IAC Group break the pain chain. From GL entries to repetitive scheduling to discrete work orders to cycle counting, and more – we’ve eliminated time-wasting tasks and greatly improved productivity.


For QAD Version:
IAC is currently running eB2 version of QAD

Level: General

Performance Tuning



This session covers all aspects of Progress performance tuning...from: performance monitoring, startup parameters, dump/reload, disk configuration, top performance enhancements, top performance destroyers, reporting performance, transaction performance, ODBC, Client/Server, AppServers, WebSpeed, and much more.  Even if you think you have heard it all we promise there will be something new for you.

For QAD Version: All
Level: General

QAD Quality Control

Logan Consulting

The session will provide an overview of the QAD Quality Control functionality and how it leverages the Item Attribute features. The session will cover:

•  Process overview and
   definition of QAD

•  The creation of Test
    Specifications and

•  The use of Test Records
    to test work-in-process

•   Use of Quality Orders
    to test inventory based
    on Item Attributes

•  Set-up and generation of
    Certificates of Analysis

For QAD Version: SE/EE
Level: Int / Advanced

12:30pm           Closing Luncheon / Conference Wrap-Up & Giveaways

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Kalahari Resort
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(419) 433-7200

When you visit Kalahari Resorts, you'll know right away you’re somewhere special. Featuring an exciting mix of rides, slides and adventures, it's an incredible time for the whole family. From our amazing Indoor and Outdoor Water Parks to our thrilling Outdoor Adventure Park, we offer an array of attractions for children of all ages, whether they’re 3 or 13 or 30 and up. Plus, with amenities such as Spa Kalahari & Salon, exceptional dining options and amenities, Kalahari goes beyond your expectations.



America's Largest Indoor Waterpark offers something for everyone! Relax in your own private indoor cabana and enjoy a security safe, refrigerator, chaise lounges and table. Bodyboard or stand up surf* 365 days a year on one of two FlowRiders®.

Catch some rays under the Texlon transparent roof while enjoying the 12,000 sq. ft. wavepool! Experience the thrill of the Swahili Swirl 60' diameter bowl raft ride, Zip Coaster uphill water rollercoaster waterslide, Cheetah Race 4 lane mat slides, Rippling Rhino and Victoria Falls raft rides, lazy river, indoor/indoor spas, swim up bar and MUCH more


  • Safari Outdoor Advetune Park
  • Fitness Center & Health Club
  • Spa Kalahari & Salon
  • Numerous onsite dining options:
    - The Reserve Restaurant & Bar
    - Great Karoo Marketplace
    - Java Manjaro Coffee Bar
    - and more!
  • Big Game Arcade / Pottery PIzzaz
  • Onsite Shopping
  • Free self-parking

Sleeping Rooms have been blocked at the resort and are available to conference attendees at a discounted group rate.  Please be sure to reference the "QAD Midwest User Group" when making your reservations.

Be sure to make your sleeping room reservation before the cut-off date of August 18th. After that date, rooms in the MWUG block will be released for general sale and may not be available to conference attendees.

MWUG Conference Rate:
$118/night (sgl/dbl)
(419) 433-7200

The Kalahari Resort is approximately 1 hour from Cleveland International Airport. The hotel offers a shuttle service to and from both Cleveland and Detroit International Airports. Cost is $85 and $125, respectively (each way)...and $25 for each additional passenger in the same party. To schedule a pick-up, please call the hotel Concierge Desk directly at: (419) 433-7200 x34090.

Self-parking is available at the resort for registered guests at no charge. For additional information on the resort, water park and other amenities, please visit:

  Post Conference Training: 

  Tuesday, September 20th    
1:30 - 4:30pm

Progress Performance Analysis & Tuning
sponsored by:  
Renown Progress expert and author Dan Foreman will deliver a deep dive into Progress Performance Analysis & Tuning. Sharpen your knowledge of advanced aspects of Progress performance with this in-depth workshop.   
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