About MWUG

The Midwest User Group is a fast-growing body of QAD users and Associates (vendors/service providers) who are improving their business practices and manufacturing processes through the use of QAD’s enterprise application and manufacturing management software.

Our Goal

Our User Group is dedicated to providing a stimulating environment in which information and experience with QAD software can be communicated and exchanged. In order to accomplish this goal, we host user group meetings, publish a quarterly Newsletter, and maintain this web-site where members can share and exchange other valuable information on the use of their ERP systems. More specifically, MWUG has the following objectives:

1. Provide a forum for Members to exchange, with each other, information about QAD software, its implementation and utilization, and “networking” in general, as a resource for learning, problem resolution, and continuous improvements in company performance.

2. Provide a meeting place where Members can discuss issues related to QAD software with vendors of third-party software and consulting services in a free-format environment.

3. Provide a broadcast platform where QAD can present information about current and future releases of the QAD software.

4. Provide an advisory resource in which the User community speaks to QAD as a unified voice regarding feedback on current functionality of the software and its future direction.

How We Operate

The User Group is managed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the Members of the organization. QAD provides Liaison personnel to act as advisors to the Board. All Board members act in accordance with our Bylaws. In order for us to provide the best possible value for our members, our Board holds regular planning meetings, where we work closely with QAD Liaison personnel. Our Board tries to stay in touch with other User Groups to see what they’re doing for their members, and we’re always open to suggestions from our members.