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Factivity, Inc.
23400 Mercantile Rd., #1A
Cleveland, OH 44122

John Leibert - President
Phone: 216.514.5141
Fax:     216.514.5142
FACTIVITY is a real-time data collection system designed for TOUCH SCREENS. This paperless MES provides a basis for better job tracking, labor collection, job sequencing and greater visibility to jobs on the floor via an easy-to-install and intuitive push-button user interface. FACTIVITY also has a complete Time & Attendance module to improve labor accountability and costing, and Advanced Planning (APS) and Finite Scheduling modules, all completely interfaced with QAD.
Freedom Technologies
10370 Citation Dr., Suite 200

Brighton, MI 48116

Shirley Schmidt
QAD Accounts & Partnerships
Phone: 810.227.3737 ext. 272
Fax:     810.227.3909

Freedom Technologies has been a QAD Product Partner since 1998, offering QAD customers the ability to leverage their QAD investment while extending their manufacturing operations.  Freedom’s Error Proof® software applications are designed for monitoring, managing and controlling production line operations plus ensuring the accuracy of manufacturing and shipping procedures. Error Proof® can be implemented in various degrees; from an uncomplicated data collection solution to an Advanced Manufacturing Execution System (AMES) interfaced to QAD Enterprise Applications through QXtend.  Error Proof® AMES makes up-to-the minute shop floor information available companywide which allows for a swift response to conditions and requirements. 
Radley Corporation
4595 Broadmoor SE, Suite 115
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Mark Stewart
Business Development Manager
Phone: 616.554.9060  ext. 348
Fax:     616.554.9008

Addressing today’s business information needs across QAD’s range of industries, Radley’s Productivity Solutions provide the tools necessary to maximize your QAD ERP investment by simplifying your unique business processes, reducing errors, improving customer service, and providing cost savings.  Going beyond merely mobilizing QAD transactions and barcode printing, our data collection solutions help you create a supply chain and workforce productivity strategy that will leverage your QAD eCommerce and shop floor environments, meet the global requirements of the current economy, and position your company for the growth ahead.  Radley Corporation, a global QAD Solution Partner since 1997, is a recognized leader in developing and implementing software for advanced shop floor data collection and eCommerce EDI solutions.